Our Board

Derek Moore

Director – Secretary

Mr. Moore was born to a Canadian Slovak Jewish Mother and an American father which lead him to a vagabond life of having lived in 4 Canadian Provinces and 6 States in the US. He currently resides in Ranch Mirage, CA. He graduated with a BA degree in Business Administration with a major in Accounting from Seattle University and an MBA in International Marketing from the University of Washington.

Mr. Moore’s career started out as a television newscaster, and went from on-air, to sales, to sales management and to eventually being a station manager. He subsequently changed careers leaving Television Management field to become a Medical Insurance Broker. He taught television management seminars with Sterling Institute in McClean, VA. He continues to lecture on Unconscious Biases and volunteers at the Jewish Tolerance Center in Rancho Mirage

Rotary has been an integral part of Mr. Moore’s life since 1979. He has served in various capacity including being club secretary, bulletin editor and president. In the Rotary world he has been particularly interested in global youth issues and thus has served as a host to many Youth Exchange students and Global Scholars/Young Professionals. He believes that world peace can only achieved through addressing needs of youth and hence his interest in PACE Universal.

In 2016 Mr. Moore lost his life’s partner, Dr. Vivek Bhargava and in February of 2020 he was particularly moved to participate in the building dedication ceremony at the Piyali Learning Center – the Classroom Building on campus that was named after Dr. Bhargava. Mr. Moore has three adult children, a daughter, two sons and a grandson who is off to college in the Fall 2020.

Mr. Moore has served on the boards of various community organizations – The Washington State Convention Center, Unitarian Church in Rancho Mirage, Stanford Alumni Club of the Dessert to name just a few. His interests include traveling, reading, cycling and bridge.