why girls

  • Education is one of the most powerful tools of human trafficking prevention.


  • Education gives girls the power to delay marriage and reduce birth rate.


  • Educated women have power to stand up against domestic violence.


  • Each year of education raises a woman’s income by 10-20%. Women invest 90% of that income into their families. Men only invest 30-40%.


  • Education saves lives.


  • Every year, 60 million girls ages 6-11 are out of school.


  • 38% of girls in developing countries are child brides. One in seven marries before age 15.

  • 150 million girls experience sexual abuse each year.


  • Just one additional year of education can reduce infant mortality by 5-10%. Educated mothers are 50% more likely to immunize their children than uneducated mothers.
  • In India, 1.2. million children are prostitutes.

In the world’s poorest regions, girls are the most vulnerable.

Education empowers them to stand up to the biases of male-dominated societies and become confident, contributing members of their communities. Girls have incredible potential to make lasting change, if they are but given a chance.